Sunday, January 31, 2010

Hooded Dickie

sounds dirty... but sometimes i don't want the bulk of a scarf around my neck or to wear a hat-hence a dickie with hood.

MORE HATS-keep warm today!!

Knit Toppers


this on in boiled 12gg wool with embroidered wool EARPHONE eyelets

Polly Pockets

i've been playing with pocket bags since i don't know from when and like to show them as a design detail frequently-i think it's the hobo in me-here as decorative and functional detail in a scarf...

...and here as a hybrid pocket/fannypack sweat pant detail-pockets always give you added attitude and comfort.

i saw a bunch of square edge silk knit ties at the flea market yesterday-i've always loved them since my PERRY ELLIS obsession in the eighties-but i'm not a tie kinda guy.

so i thought i would be great to use them as decorative suspenders with a leather inset lace-up back

Ice House

at the auction the thing that grabbed my eye and held my attention the whole time was this pretty amazing pagoda shaped chandelier-looked like a glamorous birdhouse-it was sold by the time we arrive and have no idea how much it went for.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Sugar Cubes

saw that these are up for auction tomorrow at the Tepper Galleries on west 25th-they are pretty damn sweet!!!


i saw a really nice trench coat on the train and thought about tee's with trench flaps and details inspired by them.

while babysitting this week i noticed how comfy William's (my great nephew) lap shoulder onesie and thought why do we grow out of such a lovely neckline-i want a grown up one!

Thursday, January 28, 2010


wow now that's pretty amazing. i love traditional homes as well but i gotta give it up to this one-still maintains a warmth in all it's angles and modernity!


i love living with a screen-i really needed one in my last apt. that i designed-it was designed with no bathroom door-i loved it but people had issue with it-
ps-take a dump in your own house!!

Sexy Legs

At first glance this table seems rather ordinary but upon closer inspection these legs are really beautifully designed.

Monday, January 25, 2010



Lt. Dangle

i love a utility belt-the more luxe the better!!
and some BITS i'd like to hang from it-tassels and tails!

Indian Batiks

just thinking about what i'd like to do with these and how much i like the way that wide legged pant looks on the beach!!
off register on tees-paperbag beach shorts and appliqued on sweats.


a little applique action for NOOCH!!

something in the air at LANVIN

i thought this collection really set itself apart from being a women's collection after thought-strong and had legs of it's own-well done!!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Bangle Rock

Jim Hale rocks an cotton african print bracelet i made-i really should make myself one!!

Mac N' Rudi

imagined from Mac's lovely image of stacked ropes in India and Rudi Gernreich's reversible cable to cashmere coat at the flea market comes a couple of sweaters in various yarns, gauges, neutral shades and horizontal cable stitches do give the illusion of ropes. i should learn to knit one day!!



blk n blu is the way to go-take it one step into the future

i love this stuff-the iconic references-the naive approach-they are almost animated